Avant Garde Suites
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When three of the world's top design names join forces, the results are simply out of this world! Some of the 21st century's leading designers [Fabio Novembre, Karim Rashid and Philippe Starck] have added their own artistic flare to the Avant Garde Suites, and created an impressive funky result!

  • Fabio Nevembre
    Fabio Novembre

    A charismatic Italian architect and designer, based in Milan, Fabio Novembre transforms glass, plastic, wood and metal into human silhouettes, decorative items and furniture that is both innovative and inspired. Key features of his work are minimalist lines, futuristic shapes, plasticity, transparency, complex and artificial materials, as well as bendy materials that feel soft to the touch. He utilises bright, happy colours that add a sense of optimism and vitality to interiors.

  • Karim Rashid
    Karim Rashid

    One of the most creative interior designers of his generation, Karim Rashid, who's of Egyptian descent, has studied industrial design extensively and has more than 3,000 creations to his name, including furniture and accessories, shops and luxury goods, restaurants, hotels, banks, as well as car industries, which have won him more than 300 prizes.

    Using bright colours and plastics, he creates happy, futuristic-looking objects strongly influenced by the Pop Art movement. He operates in 42 countries and is a lead designer for the famous interiors company BoConcept.

  • Philippe Starck
    Philippe Starck
    Internationally renowned French designer, Philippe Starck's radical approach to design has resulted in more than 10,000 creations in the worlds of interior design and mass produced items [be they decorative or utilitarian objects, lights, or even motorbikes]. He is one of the 21st century's leading industrial designers and his work will go down in history for its expressionistic and aerodynamic style. Bringing together materials in unusual combinations such as stone with glass, aluminium with plastic, or industrial velvet with chrome, Philippe Starck can transform even the most humdrum of objects into an original, unique collectible work of art!